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Dry Shine is THE Waterless Car Wash & Wax that is taking the world by storm... Now available for the first time in the UK, Dry Shine is the only non-CFC Waterless Vehicle Cleaner containing NATURAL CARNAUBA WAX...

DryShine Waterless Wash and Wax effectively..

> Quickly removes all traces of grease, tar, diesel, insects and brake dust, as well as

those annoying tough spots, leaving your vehicle with a protected and polished finish.

> Removes harmful contaminants to revitalize oxidized or tarnished paints and clear-coats.

> Forms a protective clear and transparent coating that’s resistant to frost.

> Offers the highest quality yellow Carnauba Wax - competes with and in fact

surpass any other high-end waxes available on the market.

> Contains NO silicone, Teflon, or CFCs.

> Provides long-lasting protection.

> Anti-static formula helps repel dust.

> Will NOT damage your car's surface, as it features a unique combination of solvents specially designed to lubricate, emulsify and gently lift dirt and dust particles from the surface of the vehicle.

> Can be used on all paints, clear-coats, glass, chrome, aluminum, hard rubber, plastics and fibreglass.